A conversation in Gunyulgup gallery.

Waves chasing waves at Moses Rock

Sun on the water at Moses Rock

Had to tune this image a bit, not enough light on the day. Still, a beautiful creature captured on a wall.

Here’s a piece of street art I found for myself on the way home today.

A different side to Bristol street art: brightly painted houses.

The Pink Panther was new (a few days old), brought back memories for me, I loved the cartoons and the music.

This eye at the end of the telescope reminds me of something, ie something that’s not another piece by the same artist.

Human reality … is by nature an unhappy consciousness with no possibility of surpassing its unhappy state
It’s lucky I’m reading this quote from Sartre in the context of an article that is about to take a much happier theoretical turn! :)

I’ve been in the Wild Wild West: a Banksy and a CCTV camera.

Classic Banksy, just a little paint bombed.

Street art that involves cleaning walls!

A slightly threatening plant, bottled.

This was a particularly beautiful wall, with so much energy.

Bristol street art robots?